HUNDREDS of people joined in a mass campaign on Saturday, as two weeks' work culminated with 3,000 trees being planted on just one day.

The Woodland Trust’s Big Climate Fightback campaign was launched in September and hundreds of thousands of people pledged to plant trees across the UK.

About 15,000 trees have been planted up in Bolton over the last two weeks as hundreds of volunteers put on their wellies to help out.

In total across the UK, the charity estimates that more than a million trees will be planted during the campaign.

Darren Moorcroft, the Woodland Trust’s chief executive, said: “Since we launched the Big Climate Fightback the response has been remarkable.

"We have had everyone from well-known faces such as JB Gill and Cressida Cowell pledging to plant trees, to wonderful stories of school children of just five years old being inspired to get involved.

“This is what the Big Climate Fightback is all about ­— giving people of all ages, no matter where they live, a simple way to make a difference on climate change by planting a tree.

“Trees are the natural solution ­— they soak up CO2 and deliver oxygen. They are of course not the only solution though, every one of us could also do our bit by recycling more and reducing our carbon footprint.”

Tracey Garrett, general manager at Smithills Estate Woodland Trust, said: “It was a smashing day because the weather was so good. We had about 300 people with us, their were kids running about enjoying themselves and it was brilliant.”

The 685 hectares of the Smithills Estate is the largest site the Woodland Trust has ever acquired in England. Other large planting events for the Trust have included some of their sites at Mead in Derbyshire, Kinclaven Bluebell Wood in Scotland, Low Burnhall in County Durham, Avoncliff in Wiltshire and Tring Park in Hertfordshire.

Tracey added that they are still eager for people to join in. Anyone who would like to get involved with the campaign to plant a tree can visit for more information.

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