The drama around the cancellation of the Cinderella pantomime at the weekend has continued on in to this week- as the actor who walked out has said that he has been refused pay.

Nick Newbould, who was playing Buttons, ground the production to a halt when he walked out after just one performance on Friday.

The show is set to continue on Tuesday after cancelling their weekend shows.

Mr Newbould said the show was a "nightmare" and he "had to take his name away from the show".

A statement put out by the production crew had said that Mr Newbould was "ill", which he denies, insisting he told them the reasons why he left.

A show spokesperson claimed that they had been told he was ill in a group chat.

Now, Mr Newbould has said that the production owes him "thousands" for the rehearsal period and the first show which he appeared in.

He says the show has refused to pay him, a claim Joe Purdy, the producer of the show, strenuously denies.

In a statement, Mr Purdy said: "Nick messaged me at 11.45am today (December 1) asking to be paid. I didn’t say no, I said that today he wasn’t my priority. All the cast except Nick were paid their first of five instalments of their contracts on Wednesday as per their contract.

"Nick wasn’t as he hadn’t sent me his invoice as all cast are self employed. The cast were there as witnesses during rehearsals when I kept asking for his invoice. I can’t pay him without this as I need his bank details which I didn’t still right now don’t hold.

"I also did this via WhatsApp - I couldn’t pay him without an invoice and to this exact moment I’ve not had an invoice so don’t hold his banks details and so couldn’t pay him.

"I do need to also point out that Nick was sent a contract for the show on 19th August 2019 and he never returned or signed it to this day. Even if he had returned and signed it; by walking about from the production it would make it void.

"To clarify; we’ve not said we won’t pay Nick."

The Bolton News reported on Saturday that several audience members had complained about the opening night and several of its technical aspects, although it was well-received by many others on social media.

The show features Antonella the Uncensored Reviewer, Ibiza Weekender's David Potts and singer Anne Nolan. It is on at the Victoria Hall until the end of December.