The CEO of a beauty clinic has spoken about how he turned his life around after going from a struggling sofa-surfer to millionaire.

Lewis Paul from Bolton had depression since a young age, and could not make friends, or keep a job down, but after working hard he opened a successful beauty clinic, earning millions.

The millionaire shares his story to encourage young people to work hard and seek help if they have mental health issues.

Mr Paul, who is 28-years-old, said: “I was drinking and doing drugs, I was in and out of jobs, I was in a bad place.

“But then I changed my habits around, moved back in with my parents and sofa surfed with friends due not having a job.

“Now I run a shop in Bolton, and the message of my business is making people feel good about themselves through non-surgical treatments like lip fillers and facials”

It has been 12 months since the opening of the beauty clinic in Bolton and Mr Paul also travels to hair and beauty salons to hold clinic days in Scotland, Liverpool, Manchester, and Bury.

The beauty therapist remembers when things were not working for him, and when he felt as his lowest.

He said: “My childhood was difficult, I always knew I was gay, as I did not really fit in at school.

“I didn’t get any GCSE’s at school, had no friends, used to be bullied, and I just did not know what I wanted to do.

“I had to re-sit my GCSE'S at Bury College and then studied graphic design, but I was still very unhappy."

Mr Paul dropped out of university after just a few months studying graphic design, realising it was not meant for him.

He said: “I was so lost, I didn't understand what I was going through, I was down and depressed and wanted to end my life.

“I wish I had handled my mental health better back then, it’s the most important thing, because I could have been in a better state of mind.

“Unless you sort out your mind, it’s hard to be successful.

“I did not know much about mental health then, I thought life was just not for me.

"But now, I have experienced that, I have researched it, I still see someone for it and what has helped is being social and finding the right people."

Eventually, Mr Paul set up in his parent’s kitchen, went on beauty courses and then started to offer treatments from home.

He said: “I wanted to create something that would help people, and make them feel good.”

After building up a small client base, the business began to grow, and the young millionaire made a business account, moved away from the family kitchen and into his own shop.

The clinic soared in popularity due to Mr Paul's friendly approach, his ethos of making people feel good in themselves and his talent for beauty treatments.

On his success, he said: “I feel in control now, but I never take it for granted.

“It is just work for me, I do earn a lot of money now but also, I met someone amazing, and I feel happy in myself.

“It’s not just a business, it’s family for me and If it was not for this, I feel like I would have nothing.

“My lifestyle has changed now too, I was not able to afford things, especially not nice things, but now I can afford luxuries.

“I have treated myself, I have my own house and I did buy things I wanted like a Rolex watch, but I still get the bus to work, and I still help out with charity work.

"I go to the local pub, and people say they can’t believe it that I have made it, and they're genuinely happy for me because they watched me grow.

Mr Paul is keen for young people to learn that mental health is the most important thing to look after.

He said: "Do not give up because I have been down many times and I have found social activity helped me get better.

"If you ignore the bullies, and admit when you need help then you will be healthier in the future.

"Anyone can follow their dreams if they believe in them, just don't let your mind suffer because of it."

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