The events of last Friday with the London Bridge terror attack has sadly claimed two young lives and devastated their families.

It is difficult to put their feelings at the loss of their loved ones under such tragic circumstances. We can only pray and keep them in our hearts.

It is such a pity that every so often such events have almost become a norm and loss of innocent lives just keeps building up all the time.

Even with such tragedy so afresh, politicians on both sides blamed one another and the reasons who had failed to do what whilst in power.

For me and hopefully many likeminded people throughout our towns and country it is time for politicians to put the wellbeing and safety of our people first rather than short lived eagerness for power, egos and making ill-judged comments.

It is no surprise to see the rise in hate crime, racism, anti-Semitism and community divisions.

When it comes to issues such as terrorism, there has to be “total unity” in solving this modern day ill which has devastated innocent lives in our country and also worldwide.

It is vital also for each individual community to look at this within themselves and help to eradicate this evil which destroys lives, creates mistrust and hate in our communities. It does not necessary need huge funding as firstly it is our moral duty to ensure our fellow citizens are safe and protected which again some brave citizens acted upon this time and many times before. It is vital that our children have an education which also has emphasis on community unity and being more global citizens.

For me- one of the very best things about this wonderful country is the goodness of people who are friendly and caring. That view was cemented time and again during my work with interfaith which was always the driving force to bring communities together. My hope during this holy period would be for all of us to enhance upon such goodness, build trust and compassion amongst us.

It will help us to unite and stand against the evils of terrorism and other ills of today’s world.

Kind regards in Peace

Chan Parmar