DEVELOPERS have resubmitted plans to demolish a vehicle repair garage to make way for 25 new homes.

Proposals for construction of the three-bed properties in Heaton were first handed to Bolton Council in April but have been brought forward again with some tweaks.

The project is the work of Sheffield-based company Brooks Brothers and Sons Developments and will include 25 homes with at least three affordable houses on a site next to Marsh Fold Lane, Bilbao Street, and Kirkhall Lane. It will also include the demolition of the Lancashire Tippers building, which is still currently on-site.

Planning consultants ADAS, the company which wrote up the plans, said: “It is considered that this application offers the opportunity for a development to provide a considerable level of housing in a central location of Bolton, whilst making use of a disused site that is considered to be no longer fit for its current intended use.

“Further to this, it is considered that this development would make effective use of land in a use class which is directly relevant to the context of the surrounding area.”

The latest plans include some minor changes to the look of the buildings in order to make them fit with the surrounding area.

They were first handed to council on November 22, with the decision delegated to planning officers for a decision to be made by February 20.

Last year, family-run parcel courier service, Nexday Overnite applied to move to the site. But, the planning committee’s approval of the application was on the condition that operations would start no earlier than 6.30am to avoid making too much noise for residents nearby.

The ADAS report suggests a two metre high fence should be constructed between the development and homes on Marsh Fold Lane to the north and Kirkhall Lane in order to limit noise for people living nearby.