A MOUNTAIN rescue volunteer found himself using his lifesaving skills in rare circumstances after spotting an allergic reaction.

Mark Scott was visiting Wright Reads, at the Cowshed, in Winter Hey Lane, Horwich, when he noticed that owner Sue Wright seemed to look unwell.

Fortunately, Mr Scott has experience diagnosing emergency conditions from his work with Bolton Mountain Rescue Team and correctly guessed that the 51-year-old was suffering from anaphylactic shock brought on by an allergic reaction.

Acting fast, he called an ambulance and explained the seriousness of the situation. While they waited, Mrs Wright’s tongue and jaw began to swell and she started shaking uncontrollably.

“Mark is definitely my hero,” she said.

“I thought I was dying and I would have done if he hadn’t come in when he did.

“I can safely say it was one of the most frightening experiences of my life.”

After the ambulance arrived, Mrs Wright was immediately given a shot of adrenaline, followed by two more on the way to the hospital.

It is thought the reaction had been brought on by a new pill she had taken to treat a medical condition.

Mr Scott had been visiting the shop to check on sales of his books The Witches Circle and the King Cried for Coventry and described his patient as looking “flustered” when he entered the room.

The former member of staff at the University of Bolton said: “She told me that she was ill and might be having a reaction to new treatment she had taken earlier. I reminded her I am a mountain rescue team member, would she like me to check her over? She said yes please. She sat on a chair and I examined her neck, throat, back, arms and the inside of her mouth. I quickly suspected she undergoing anaphylaxis, a severe and serious allergic reaction.”

Mrs Wright is set to open a new store just across the road and has asked her rescuer to attend the grand opening as a guest of honour. It is the second time he has played the hero after helping to save 22-month-old Edward Clough who had a cardiac arrest at Edgworth Cricket Club, in June 2018.