'WHAT if British banknotes represented the cities or towns they were issued in?'

That's the question that's been asked on social media site Reddit this week after Equity Release Supermarket created their own banknotes.

The company said they ignored landmarks or world leaders, authors or aristocrats and instead focussed on the people who showed the ‘true grit’ of their home cities. 

A spokesman added: "Musicians who defined a generation, athletes who inspired, and actors who showed Hollywood how it’s done – these are the modern-day heroes we need on our banknotes."

The site lists Noel Gallager for a Manchester banknote after penning 'lyrics to prom dances, delivered chords for umpteen stag parties and had his words butchered by late-night karaoke singers'.

A spokesman added: "A legend in Northern circles and beyond, there is no-one better to decorate the Mancunian banknote than this Gallagher brother – just don’t tell Liam."

The site also lists Dame Judi Dench for York, Sean Bean for Sheffield, boxer Nicola Adams for Leeds and Lewis Capaldi for Glasgow. 

But it got us wondering who should feature on a £20 banknote representing Bolton?

Which famous face would you pick and why?

Who do you think deserves to be on a £20 banknote representing Bolton

Let us know who and your reason why

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