Labour chairman Ian Lavery headed to Atherton yesterday highlight the cost of living crisis yesterday.

He took the party's 'battle bus' to the town's Alma Street car park to support Bolton West candidate Julie Hilling.

More than 30 Labour supporters turned out to hear him speak about the party's job-creating 'Green Industrial Revolution' and promise of a £10 an hour 'Real Living Wage' giving an immediate pay rise for 882,000 North West workers

Mr Lavery, Labour general election co-ordinator, said: “This election is about whose side you are on. Are you on the side of the billionaires, the bad bosses and Boris Johnson’s Tory party who have rigged the economy for themselves and made our regions and working class communities pay for handouts to the wealthiest?

“Or are you on the side of the people struggling to make ends meet this Christmas, the communities whose schools, hospitals and emergency services can’t cope because of Tory cuts, the millions of children in poverty who deserve a better future?”

Ms Hilling said: "We had more than 30 people there to hears his message of a transformation of ordinary people's lives under Labour. This election is about so much more than Brexit. There was a a very positive response."