If I may reply to an editorial in The Bolton News regarding the general election and the media.

Britain's most powerful newspaper groups, the Telegraph, the Murdoch press (Sun, Times) the Mail, the Express are dedicated to the destruction of Jeremy Corbyn.

This is blatantly obvious and they themselves would probably admit it.

However what is worrying is the way the BBC is favouring the Tories.

Boris Johnson (appearing, shall we say ... a bit unsteady) placed a red wreath, upside down, at the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday.

Can you imagine the reaction from the press had Corbyn done the same.

BBC Breakfast showed a clip of a much smarter Johnson placing a green wreath when he was Foreign Secretary in 2016. The BBC insisted it was an error. They edited a clip to cut out the audience laughter at the prime minister during the party leaders Question Time after he was asked whether he believed it was important to tell the truth.

The clip only showed the applause.

The Tory slogan "Get Brexit Done", the position that we will leave the EU on January 31 and the transition will end in December 2020 and then we can all just forget about it and carry on in our own sweet way, is not believed by anyone (Johnson included) with the slightest knowledge of trade negotiations and all the rest of it, yet this goes unchallenged by the mainstream media.

Despite the social media, newspapers and television companies are still very influential in forming public opinion. Misleading articles should be challenged and called out at every opportunity.

Eric Hyland