I use buses regularly into Manchester when meeting friends. While First Bus had problems, Diamond Bus are horrendous for running a timetable.

Four times in the past two weeks I've waited more than 45 minutes for a number 36 bus to Manchester.

A service that should run every 10 minutes. And on these occasions it was not during rush hour, so there is little excuse for such a poorly run service.

While waiting today for a bus at 10.30am on Bradford Road, four 36s sailed past all empty!

A journey to Manchester Piccadilly should take about an hour, it took 45 minutes from Bradford Road to get to Walkden retail park and then a further 45 minutes to get to Manchester Piccadilly.

Coming back it took two hours to get from Manchester Piccadilly to Bradford Road.

Waiting in Bolton at the new bus station two weeks ago, I saw a wait of 40 minutes for a bus with an electronic message apologising for missing buses due to service issues.

Sod the climate and helping the environment, I'll stick to the car in future.

Bradford Road resident