In recent years, I wrote to Chris Green, as the member of parliament for Bolton West, to ask for support for a law to provide buffer zones around clinics that provide abortions, to make sure that women are protected from anti-abortion fanatics who seek to intimidate women attending the clinics.

Mr Green wrote back saying that he saw no need for a change in the law.

At a hustings event at St Peter's Church in Bolton on 4th December, Mr Green announced that he believes that human life begins at conception and he would do all that he can to protect that.

'All that he can' obviously includes refusing to support a law to protect women from extremists who share Mr Green's anti-abortion ideology.

Anyone who believes in a woman's right to make choices about her own body and future should be concerned that, presumably, given the opportunity in parliament, Chris Green would vote to attack those rights.

David Tucker

Chorley Old Road