ARE you breaking the law - and don't even know you're doing it?

With over 300 laws and counting in the Highway Code, it’s hard for drivers these days to keep track.

And while you’re probably savvy with the basics, are there any road laws you didn’t know you were breaking?

Here are 10 motoring offences you didn't know existed:

  • 1. Using a phone to pay at a drive-through
  • 2. Swearing when you're behind the wheel
  • 3. Sounding your horn while stationary
  • 4. Playing your music too loud
  • 5. Driving with a pet not restrained
  • 6. Splashing pedestrians
  • 7. Using your unfixed mobile as a sat nav
  • 8. Sleeping in your car while drunk
  • 9. Driving too slowly
  • 10. Flashing cars to warn them of a speed trap.

So is using Apple Pay to buy a burger at a drive through really breaking the law.

Although legal experts say it is something of a grey area the law for using your mobile while behind the wheel changed in April 2017, seeing stricter penalties introduced.

Drivers can now be fined £200 for using their phone behind the wheel as well as accumulating six penalty points.

However, the definition only extends to a 'road' so drivers using a drive through which is off the road may escape prosecution. Lawyers say it depends on how strictly a police officer decides to apply the rules.

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