THE country's political heavyweights have been pitching for your votes. With just a couple of days to go before the polls open, The Bolton News has asked every party leader why people in the town sould vote for them.

Here Nigel Farage lays out why he thinks you should vote for the Brexit Party:

"ONLY The Brexit Party can beat Jeremy Corbyn’s dangerous Remainer Labour party in Bolton North East and Bolton South East.

"Our candidates, Trevor Jones and Mark Cunningham, will bring proper representation and investment to the North West region and deliver the Clean-Break Brexit people here voted for.

"The choice here is clear: do you want a Brexit Party MP or a Remainer Labour MP?

"Yes, we’ve stepped aside in some seats, including Bolton West, in order to stop a Remainer alliance gaining power and pushing a rigged second referendum and more mass immigration.

"We put Country Before Party after Boris Johnson indicated he would deliver a Clean-Break Brexit, thanks to our pressure.

"But Boris cannot be trusted to deliver on his promises alone.

"Our MPs will hold his Tory feet to the fire.

"Our Contract with the People presents a positive vision for post-Brexit Britain.

"Taking immediate control of our laws, borders, money, fisheries and defence will allow us to shape the future of our democracy, economy and society.

"Freed from EU rules we can cut the cost of living for millions by reducing fuel bills and making food and clothing cheaper.

"Our £200billion Brexit dividend will invest in transport and digital infrastructure and jobs in areas like the North West that have been ignored by Westminster.

"We want to invest in our NHS, scrap interest on student loans, fast track Universal Credit payments, increase police numbers, plant millions of trees and ban the export of our waste.

"Brexit is just the start.

"Our fight for democracy is a fight to Change Politics for Good.

"The Brexit Party wants fundamental political reform to make the electoral system more representative, abolish the unelected House of Lords and introduce ‘Citizens’ Initiatives’ to let people call referendums.

"This will ensure everyone’s vote counts in the future and the Establishment can never again block the will of the people."

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