It is alarming to read of current proposals for a tower block on the corner of Trinity Street and Bradshawgate.

Whatever mistakes the council may have made in the past it sensibly avoided building then fashionable point blocks in the 1960s/1970s leaving a town centre without this blight and where we can treasure the landmarks of our much loved town hall and parish church.

Bolton should build on its strengths and not ignore them, and one of its key strengths is the relatively consistent low height of its central streets and buildings.

To introduce a 20 storey monster now into the town will completely unbalance this character and seriously damage our town for the next 50 years.

We should not be pursuing planning policies of the last century.

Agreement to this tower will merely suggest a council desperately wanting to look as if it is doing something coupled with a greedy developer.

This dim tower block might be acceptable in Slough but surely we deserve better in Bolton.

Michael Shippobottom

Crompton Way