David Tucker (“Green on abortion”, Monday 10 December) attacks Chris Green’s stated belief that “human life begins at conception and that he would do all that he can to protect that.”

I am not writing this letter as a political comment, but simply to state that this Mr Green’s view is not only entirely rational, but is supported by scientific fact and reason.

It is a belief in the innate and inalienable dignity of the individual human being from the point when that being comes into existence, and is a belief in favour of life, not an “anti-abortion ideology”, as Mr Tucker claims.

He bases this attack on what he appears to claim is “a woman’s right to make choices about her own body and future”.

This might be a fair comment if it did not contain a deception. The child who develops from the moment of conception is not part of the mother’s body. It is without question human, is life, is a human life, is a genetically unique and irreplaceable individual, is a "he" or a "she" from the very beginning, and is the son or daughter of the parents.

He or she is physically well formed at a very early stage of development and is not a “potential human life” (another deceptive mantra of those promoting abortion) but a “human life with potential”.

The woman’s “choice” is not only about her own body and future, but about another human being’s life or death, future or no future.

A true, caring, just democracy will seek to protect all its members and especially the vulnerable and those who cannot speak for themselves.

Children in the womb are the most vulnerable of all, and have no voice of their own.

Why should Mr Tucker object to those who seek, through legitimate democratic processes, to protect these babies and to ensure that they enjoy that most basic of all human rights; the right to life itself?

In this country, those who have promoted abortion have imposed their view on society — the view that unborn children have no right to life. Or rather, unwanted children have no right to life.

To destroy an innocent human life must surely be considered a most extreme, violent, and unjust example of the imposition of views on others. A further injustice is that the children who are aborted have not been allowed, and will never have chance, to influence the democratic process that has permitted their destruction.

I can only presume that most of those who find abortion morally acceptable must sincerely believe that a fellow human being only exists from birth onwards. It is to be hoped that they are very sure of this, and that there is no room for doubt.

Suppose, just suppose, they are wrong. If they are, then over eight million of our children have been destroyed since 1968 in this country alone, and we are faced with a continuing large-scale human tragedy.

A famous person once observed "I've noticed that all those who are for abortion have themselves already been born."

Robert Aston