A LANDLORD suffered a double setback in the space of just five days as both of his businesses were targeted.

Piggy Banks bar had a brick hurled through the window and Sweet Green Tavern was burgled just days later.

Kevin Banks said the trouble happened after he got into a fight at the Sweet Green Tavern in Crook Street where he has been landlord for 17 years.

Mr Banks claims a man attacked him on Thursday night before beginning to throw snooker balls at customers.

Mr Banks added: “He kicked me in the shins and punched me. I don’t know why he was doing it.”

Later that night, a brick was thrown through the window of Piggy Banks, a bar Mr Banks owns in Newport Street.

He said eight people were injured, but no one was taken to hospital. The force of the attack flung the brick to the back the room and glass was embedded in the bar.

Mr Banks said: “He didn’t give a monkeys who he might possibly be hurting. There were glass shards everywhere but no one was taken to hospital."

A few days later, the Sweet Green Tavern was burgled, £360 cash had been taken and £3,000 worth of spirits stolen. Mr Banks said: “A cleaner came in at 7.30am on Tuesday and saw that it had been broken into. The burglars had smashed the ladies toilet window and climbed in.

“Police have been but the people had gloves on so I don’t know what’s happening.”

Mr Banks said he was due to give evidence to police yesterday about the two incidents.

The Sweet Green Tavern had been burgled once before, said Mr Banks, although he believed that the circumstances were different this time.

In addition to the stock and cash losses, CCTV at the pub was ripped out and the window will cost money to replace. Optics used to pour the spirits were also taken.

Police officers investigating the incident came to the Bolton News’ office, as they had discovered an abandoned supermarket trolley nearby, which they believe was used to wheel the stolen goods away from the pub.

The window at the Piggy Banks bar has been boarded up but will cost £160 to repair, said Mr Banks.

He said that he doesn’t know when he will be able to repair the damages, saying : “It has wiped me out till Christmas.”

Greater Manchester Police have been contacted for comment. Anyone with information on the incidents should contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.