OUR story about fury over a 'monstrosity' construction in Farnworth provoked a massive reaction on The Bolton News website. The Plodder Lane house which has been under construction for almost two years may have to be scaled down after parts of it were built without planning permission in place.

Here are some of the comments posted by readers on The Bolton News website:

Build it to plan or don't let them build it at all. If it isn't built to plan then pull it down.

It should be a simple to follow. Implementing it would bring some initial heartache because others have gotten away with similar things in the past but enough is enough.


Well said, I think they were trying their luck.


It should never have been allowed to convert it into one large house. It's going to look lovely but not there. It completely dwarfs the house next door. The value of their house will have nosedived. Feel so sorry for them.

Dalleye Llama

THE area close to the back entrance of the hospital is well kept. A real credit to the residents.

There is not a chance in hell the value will decrease.

There would be a price war if the residents decided to sell up with interest coming from the neighbouring health professionals who work at the hospital as well at the locals.


I WALK past that house everyday and it should never have been given planning permission, it towers over neighbouring houses and to blame the contractor is ridiculous!

They'd have built it to what the client asks, simple as that! Anything built should be in keeping with the area and that certainly isn't! Make them take it down and build it to the plans, no ifs or buts!


WHY was it given planning in the first place totally out of keeping to the area

Allan Duckworth

IT wasn't. They started it before they applied and that seems a common thing with these builds.

They were told to stop and didn't and as I have seen with another build. They should be made to put it back as it was. It seems as if it is one rule for one and one for another. I feel so sorry for the neighbours, they bought their houses in a certain place, with the space they wanted, paid the premium for that and now yes, it will be lowered in value. My friend's was lowered by £20,000.00p that's no lie.


Shouldn't the neighbours have been sent notice of the planning application and the option to object?


I HOPE the council make then knock it down

If you voted leave

Until the adjustments are not made I would install a net with a temporary extender pole.


I MADE a formal complaint about this building to Bolton Councils planning department over 12 months ago as it was clearly being built bigger that its consent allowed.

I had nothing back from the council planning department even though the complaint was raised on their own portal... What I might say today is; if they had asked for these new changes at the original application they would have been refused... so they should be refused now also.


Why do these inconsiderate selfish people build these monstrosities when they know it will impact all their neighbours. They should be made to rip the whole lot down.

Cinderellas Lost Slipper