BOLTON actress Diane Morgan has returned to TV screens this week for a round-up of 2019.

Morgan’s alter-ego Philomena Cunk can be seen looking back at the events of the year in a series of new BBC Two specials called Cunk and Other Humans which began on Monday at 10.30pm.

According to the official blurb: “2019 wasn’t the best year ever, or even vaguely tolerable, but one thing we can all agree on is that it definitely happened. Join Philomena Cunk, Barry Shitpeas, and a galaxy of two other new faces as they take a look back at the major events of our 2019th year since the birth of Christ.

‘May include Brexit, Joker, Brexit, Theresa May, Brexit, Prince Andrew, Brexit, climate change, Corbyn v Johnson, Trump, Brexit, Game Of Thrones, Brexit and - time permitting - Brexit.”

The show is written by Charlie Brooker who previously presented an end-of-year round up as part of his Wipe series between 2010 and 2016 – but stopped making the show due to other commitments, notably Black Mirror.