BUSINESSWOMAN Michaela Wain made a surprise return to hit TV show The Apprentice two years after she narrowly missed out on winning the reality game show.

Back in 2017, the Heaton-based construction manager was sent home at the semi final stage of the contest, but in Wednesday evening’s final she reappeared as a guest on finalist Scarlett Allen-Horton’s podcast about women working in the construction industry.

“It was lovely to go back and meet all the production staff and crew again,” said Michaela . “And of course meeting the new candidates was great too.

“I was obviously in favor of Scarlett because I met her and she was really lovely but also because of the message she is sending out and her championing of women in our industry which is a really important subject.”

Apprentice fans certainly made their feelings clear about Michelle’s comeback.

“Michaela Wain back on #TheApprentice makes me so happy,” wrote one person, “one of my favourite candidates ever.”

“OMG Michaela aka my fave candidate ever,” tweeted another, while a third said: “oh my god MICHAELA im so glad she’s doing amazing she was incredible.”

“It was a great way to get some exposure for the topic,” continued Michaela, who managed to secure investment in a new tech construction company following her appearance on The Appearance. “Appearing on the programme ensured I got a bit more respect and credibility because people now know I’ve owned businesses already and I’m somewhat successful. It’s opened up lots of conversations and I get invited to do lots of public speaking. I’m doing what I can to get the word out there and hopefully if more women can follow me into STEM industries (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) it will have a positive impact.”

Carinan Lepore, 30, won the final and will use Lord Sugar’s £250,000 investment to attempt to build an empire of high street bakeries.