People with dementia and their carers can now join a free choir to help combat the condition.

The Musical Moments group aims to offer those with the condition the therapeutic benefits of music through singing, rhythm, and memory.

The musical group has been given a grant from the Bolton Transformation Fund, a pot that exists to encourage innovation across health and social care.

Dementia nurse specialist Kerry Lyons, who is based at the Royal Bolton Hospital and helps co-ordinate the group, is delighted that the group has been granted funding.

She said: “This is a wonderful and enjoyable way to bring families together through music as therapy.

"We are very grateful for the funding, as the group will make a significant impact on wellbeing to both the carer and the person living with dementia.”

The group will be delivered in collaboration with Bolton Dementia Support and the Bolton NHS Foundation Trust Admiral Nurse.

The fund was applied for by Bolton CVS and Trust Music.

Sessions will be held at the Thicketford Centre in Bolton from January 7 and will take place every Tuesday from 12.15-1.15pm.

It aims to be a shared activity for both the carer and the person living with dementia so they can enjoy singing together.

Research suggests that listening to, or singing songs can offer emotional and behavioural benefits for those with the condition.

Musical memory is usually hardwired into the brain, meaning that music can stimulate some parts of the brain that nothing else can.

Music can also help to reduce anxiety and depression, help maintain speech and language, and enhances the quality of life for suffers.

It can also positively impact the mood or morale of carers.

For more information or to register your interest, contact Alison Lowe, chief officer at Bolton Dementia Support on 01204 386696.

Kerry Lyons from Royal Bolton Hospital can be called on 01204 390 390 (ext 144338) as well.