A TRAIN campaign group are to stage a protest at a railway station due to the increases in train prices.

Members of the Northern Resist Facebook group will hold the protest at Bolton Station on January 2.

The frustrated commuters are challenging the ticket fare increases in the new year, arguing that the service does not match the price.

Steve Sutton, facilitator on behalf of Northern Resist, said: "The franchise has been so bad for so long and it is even worse now.

"We are at a point where people are going to work and fainting on the way due to overcrowded trains.

"For Northern to say it is improving, is a lie.

"They have had enough time now to improve times, but instead focus only on new trains.

"We pay more for a service that does not show up, it's not right."

The group are planning a peaceful protest that will not disrupt any service, and have already staged a successful peaceful one at Manchester Victoria last month.

The protest will run from 4.30pm till 7.30pm.

Anyone is welcome to join on the day.