A DEVASTATING fire has left business owners shattered as their work and memories have gone up in flames.

The full destruction of the fire has been revealed by fire crews who rushed to the scene.

A building, home to two dental labs, has been gutted by explosions and a vicious fire, leaving the roof caved in and remnants of machinery scattered across the road.

A stark picture released by Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service shows smoke billowing from the smouldering building, the windows and doors blown out and wreckage strewn across the road.

Residents reported seeing flames and hearing ‘explosions’ coming from a building in Plodder Lane in the early hours of this morning.

The fire is thought to have started at Pristine Dental Lab, spreading through the building to R&W Dental Lab on the floor above and affecting Retail Laundry next door. The cause of the fire remains unknown at this stage. 

Police at the scene confirmed there were no casualties after concerns for residents of the flats above the parade of ground floor shops.

Plodder Lane in Bolton is closed between Harper Green Road and Openshaw Place yesterday.

Officers and fire crews are continuing to deal with the fallout today, spraying water over the skeleton of the building.

Business owners are speaking out in the wake of the fire.

Michael Alan Wolfendale and Nigel Bleese own R&W Dental Lab, which is in the same building. Their hopes of having a good start to 2020 have been ruined, with their work scattered across the road by the ‘explosions’.

Mr Wolfendale said: “We don’t actually know what happened yet. It seems the fire possibly started in the floor below. We rent the top floor.”

Mr Wolfendale said the building would have to be demolished. 

He added: “I was phoned up at about 7.30am this morning and I had no idea. The whole place is just destroyed. 

“We’ve lost a fair bit of work and the machinery that we use on a daily basis. It was going to be a good start to the year.

“We’ve got lots of customers, what it’s going to be like for them I don’t know. I’m a bit concerned.”

The pair have been running the business with five other colleagues since 1980. They have been left shell-shocked as their memories have gone up in flames.

 Mr Wolfendale said: “There’s so many personal things in there as well. Artefacts that people have bought us and we’ve given each other.”

Fire crews started their investigation today.

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service said: “Crews were called to a dental clinic in Plodder Lane at 00:21am following reports of a building fire and flames seen on the roof.

“The fire involved the ground and first floors and roof of the clinic. It was also affecting the business next door.

“Five fire engines and an aerial platform attended and crews used jets and hose reels to bring the fire under control.

“An investigation is underway to establish the cause of the fire.”

Farnworth resident Mick Hill said he heard the explosions late last night: “I’d just finished watching the football at about midnight and I heard two explosions. 

“There was a big, massive bang. I thought it was another car crash. I ran out and saw that there was no front on the shop and there were flames going up. You could hear all the chemicals burning inside like fireworks. 

“I think I went to bed around 3am and it was still going with flames in the sky.”