IMAGINE a time when Bolton was filled with the laughter of small children and families would gravitate towards Moor Lane to have fun.

It is not so long ago — certainly within the lifetimes of many of our Looking Back readers — that the New Year fair would provide fantastic entertainment in Bolton town centre.

These fairs provided light entertainment for families who were, more often than not, struggling financially during or just after World War Two.

With just a few coppers to their name many young children would head for the fair to enjoy an afternoon of perusing the stalls, watching the rides (and if lucky enough going on some of the rides) and taking a peek at the interesting sights.

If anyone has any information about the fair organisers we would love to hear from them too.

It would be great to find out how the fairs came to be held in Bolton — perhaps we can find out when they started and when they ended in the town — and if anyone has memories to share do get in touch.

Perhaps your parents or grandparents ran the fair or ran one of the stalls. Or may be you know who did.

Did you know who took charge of the dodgems or the carousel? Again we would be delighted to hear from you.

Please contact