A POPULAR Greek restaurant has shared its success with those most in need, serving up meals for those going hungry this festive season.

Nicki Gillon and partner Odysseas Chatzitzikas own the much-loved Westhoughton restaurant, The Kitchen. But after reams of good reviews and fully-booked tables, the couple decided they should give back to a suffering community.

The pair spent the days leading up to New Year in their restaurant, putting together freshly prepared care packages to hand out to people sleeping rough and those currently in shelters.

Ms Gillon said they came up with the idea in the wake of a chaotic time across the country.

She said: "It came after the election. I sat here and just felt very emotional. I'm not a political person but it all made me feel a bit sad and lost. It felt like people with nothing didn't really have a voice.

"This restaurant has given us so much in our lives, we've been so lucky to be so successful. But it's not about take, take, take, I started thinking about how we could give back."

On Monday, they took their fresh meals around shelters and along the streets of Bolton — handing out souvlaki, chowder, soup and cake to more than 60 people.

Ms Gillon said: "It hit me really hard. Things can just change in a second.

"There were a few tears, smiles and hopefully some full bellies."

The pair plan to continue their efforts into 2020 and are hoping arrange transport to host people from shelters and those feeling lonely at The Kitchen for a meal.

Ms Gillon said: "You're not just giving people food, it's also an experience and the occasion of going out for food. People want to feel looked after.

"We've got quite a lively atmosphere, we put some soul music on. It's something to break up the day and make people happy."