Bolton was revealed as one of the worst rated places for food hygiene in the UK in March last year. Kit Vickery reveals how the 1,174 food hotspots in the borough fared in their latest inspections.

Eight of the Bolton’s food establishments have been given the lowest possible hygiene rating.

Six takeaways and two restaurants have a zero star food hygiene rating, requiring urgent improvement.

Chop Suey Bar, Rio, Spice Kitchen, Tony’s, Kani Restaurant, Godfather Pizza, Papa Sams and Nkono have all been told to improve their hygiene practices.

The majority of the borough’s 1,174 restaurants, pubs, takeaways, sandwich shops and mobile caterers received a rating of four or five, with 492 achieving the highest possible rating.

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These food outlets were found to have “good” or “very good” hygiene standards.

Just over 15 per cent achieved a rating of three, meaning that hygiene standards were “generally satisfactory” and a total of 81 businesses were told to make some improvements, receiving a rating of two.

A little under four per cent of food companies were rated one which means “major improvement” must be done.

The Kani Restaurant is hoping to improve their rating after a reinspection, as their zero was given to them in August 2018.

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Hama Said, the restaurant’s owner, said: “The rating is from last year and we are hoping to receive a new rating soon.

“Everything has been changed.”

Rio received their first zero rating in July 2019, with Spice Kitchen dropping below expected standards in September, and Nkono and Papa Sams falling short in October.

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Tony’s pizzeria received a zero star rating in November, but owner Ali Heydari wants people to know it won’t be for long.

He said: “I recently took over the premises a few months ago and it was very dirty so I have cleaned everything.

“I’ve done all I can to improve the facilities and I’ve fixed all the problems that have been raised.

“We’re just waiting for another inspection which will hopefully be soon.”

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The number of zero rated takeaways has risen from the five reported in April, but hygiene bosses stress it is a tiny minority of establishments.

Just half a percent of popular eateries have a zero star rating, and 80 per cent of outlets have “good”, or “very good” hygiene standards.

The Chop Suey Bar is the only takeaway of those reported in April to retain their zero star rating, given to them in February 2019 – their fourth zero in a row.

The four other takeaways told to make urgent improvements have all either improved or closed.

Nabzys was given a three star rating in April, and Badmans received a two in June.

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Gandom Bakery has now closed, and Grill2Thrill is currently awaiting another inspection.

The ratings are made available on the Food Standards Agency website and are usually visible from outside of the premises, often presented in a window near the entrance.

In Wales and Northern Ireland, it is compulsory for businesses to display their food hygiene rating.

However, in England it is currently just considered best practice.

Calls are now increasing for the mandatory display of food hygiene ratings in England.

The data used in this piece came from the Food Standards Agency website on December 30.