AS HUNDREDS of people start their Veganuary challenge, restaurants and cafes around the country have started to introduce more vegan food on their menus in a bid to cope with the growing demand.

One of those places is Greggs, who already released a vegan sausage roll last year.

Now, they have introduced a Vegan Steak Bake, giving all those completing the Veganuary challenge something new to choose from.

We headed to the Greggs located in Bolton Bus Station, one of 1,500 shops with the new pastry, to try it for ourselves.

To replace the beef, it contains quorn with meat-free gravy, and onions to go with it. It also does not contain any egg glaze on the top.

How does it taste?

Actually, it's not too bad. It's seasoned well with the gravy, and definitely tickles the taste bud if you're looking to reduce meat intake, while still getting a meat taste.

As usual there is a lot of puff pastry, 96 layers to be exact, and you do have to take a few bites to even get to the filling. Although the taste is not as rich as beef would be, it does serve as a great alternative.

It is quite filling, and is not dry, rather the opposite with the onions and gravy.

When I went to get one, there was a line of customers, and two people in front of me had ordered it too. There was only one left and I was glad I got it.

Gregg's may find themselves mirroring the success of their popular vegan sausage roll, which saw the company's profits soar more than 52 per cent to 36.7 million for the 26 weeks to June 29 2019.

The new Vegan Steak Bake is now available for £1.55, initially across 1,300 shops and rolling out to a further 700 shops on January 16.

Check your local store here