NEW rules restricting how many times people can use their local tip have left residents in Bolton furious.

From next month, people across Greater Manchester will be limited in how often they can use tips, with automatic number plate recognition and CCTV being used to monitor the number of trips people make over the year.

People with cars will be only be able to use tips 52 times per year, those with large vans will be limited to just 12 visits a year.

The strict new laws are designed to crack down on builders and tradesmen ­— who are supposed to pay for a waste licence ­— from using tips for free like members of the public.

Residents in Bolton have hit out against the new rules calling them 'a recipe for disaster'.

Commenters on The Bolton News website has strong views on the subject. Website user 'I Don't Believe It!' said: "This is a recipe for disaster!

"Fly tipping will increase. Small businesses, who want to do the right thing and don't dump stuff irresponsibly, have been told they will have to go to Salford and pay a fortune. They will see their profit margins squeezed yet again."

User '7H3 541N7' said: "All this means is that fly tipping will increase. For those with cars and vans who once every so often need to make a few trips at a time are going to get penalised. I've no doubt there will also be a knock on effect for those without vehicles but have friends who could help."

If residents go over their limit, recycling centre staff will be alerted and checks will be made to make sure they are a resident living in Greater Manchester, excluding Wigan, and the waste and recycling is from their own home.

Facebook commenter Julie Sharratt said: "I recycle everything but still struggle to fit everything in my grey bin. We are a family of four but have the same size bin as my mother in law who lives alone. It’s already a stupid situation."

Julie Lewis added: "CCTV/monitoring/number plate recognition , this would be handy in known places for fly tipping, rather than general public disposing of waste properly."

But some people saw the rules as a reasonable change. Commenter 'honda gl' said: "I think the restrictions are reasonably fair for households."

Commenter 'Icantchooseaname' added: "Of all of those householders complaining, how many of you use the tip 52 times a year?

"We're a family of five and probably only use the tip when we're having a massive clear out. Everything else goes in the bins, advertised on Facebook reuse pages or go to the charity shop.

"This scheme is being brought in to tackle the numerous businesses who use the tip to get rid of their waste free of charge.

"Businesses must become more responsible for how they manage their waste."

The new rules will come into force in February.