TWO young girls have sparked outrage after climbing over the side of a high bridge to to take pictures of themselves.

The two girls were spotted climbing over the barrier of a bridge in Prestolee to take ‘selfie’ pictures on Thursday afternoon.

The pair teetered on a ledge high above the River Irwell, with cars passing on the road beside. Police have warned that ‘no photo is worth risking life for’ after a video emerged of their dangerous actions.

Ash Prince, from Prestolee, was driving on the bridge when he witnessed the dangerous behaviour.

He said: “My first thought was how stupid and irresponsible can someone be? Just to take a selfie!

“I had to pull over just in case she fell and they needed someone to call emergency services. But I did not want to shout anything over at them in case she was startled and fell.

“My instinct would have been to run down the side and jump in if she fell in.”

He filmed the incident and posted it to Facebook in a bid to warn others not to do the same thing.

Mr Prince said: “I decided to film it and posted it on my profile and in our Facebook community group so the parents would see it and be able to tell them off later.”

Thousands of people watched the video.

“Parents were feeling sick and not able to breathe watching them. They were angry at their actions.

“They need to be told to think before they do something so irresponsible.”

Mr Prince’s plan worked, the pair’s parents saw the video and he later spoke to the girls.

Mr Prince added: “She was told off by her parents. She agreed that she acted really stupid and it would have been her fault if she had fallen. She accepts the responsibility and said she won’t be doing it again.”

Kearsley councillor Julie Pattison said this is not the first time young people have acted dangerously on the bridge, saying a similar incident occurred a few months ago.

Cllr Pattison said: “It seems to be a new phenomenon. We need to eliminate it as soon as possible.”

Greater Manchester Police have issued guidance in response to the alarming video, saying no photo is worth risking death.

A spokesman said: “The safety of the public is always Greater Manchester Police’s (GMP) primary concern.

“We would ask that people think about the dangers not only to themselves but to others, before they try and take a photograph or ‘selfie’.

“No photograph is worth risking your life for.

“Ensure that you adhere to the restrictions and barriers in place particularly on roads and motorways and never trespass on private land.”