A young mum is trying to raise money to support the financial strain of her son’s rare condition.

Xander-John Duffy-Patterson was born with his bladder outside of his body – a condition known as Bladder Exstrophy.

The tiny tot was delivered on November 30, four weeks early via emergency c-section as his mum, Amy, was suffering from sepsis.

He was born at Royal Bolton Hospital, and it was only after he was born that his family discovered his condition.

Just one in 50,000 babies are born with this condition, and only two hospitals in the country can offer specialist care – Manchester Children’s Hospital and St Ormand’s Street in London.

Xander will need three major operations before he turns two, as well as an operation to correct two groin hernias on February 27.

His operation at four-months-old will be his biggest, as medical staff will work to put his bladder back inside, reconstruct his pelvis, and ensure that his urinary system is as it should be. He will be in hospital for four-six weeks.

Amy said: “It was something I wasn’t prepared for physically, emotionally & mentally - but what else can you do when you have a helpless child in that sense.

“I have my good and bad days with it but have learnt to take it day by day. His delivery alone wasn’t to plan as I never in a million years expected to have a c section.

“The only thing that makes it easier is that baby Xander is oblivious to it all as to him it’s normal.

“I can not fault the staff at Royal Bolton hospital and Greater Manchester Children’s hospital, nor thank them enough for the care they provided for myself and Xander.”

The 21-year-old, who doesn’t drive, has to take public transport to Xander’s hospital appointments, and hospital visits or overnight stays add extra financial strain.

Xander also needs his bladder regularly dressing, and gets through more nappies than usual due to his condition.

Visit gofundme.com/bladder-exstrophy-associated-epispadis to donate to Xander’s care.