A BMW driver led police on a chase through Bolton at up to 100mph.

Bolton Crown Court heard how a police officer on patrol along rural roads between Bolton and Burnley spotted Jordan Powell driving a BMW just before 2am on October 30.

Alistair Reid, prosecuting, said: “He noticed a BMW 3 series primarily because it appeared to have a broken front windscreen.

“The officer felt it necessary to make some enquiries and he was going to stop the driver to clarify whether there were any difficulties.”

The officer noticed the car was driving at above the speed limit, but when he put on his emergency lights the driver refused to stop.

The court heard how 30-year-old Powell reached speeds of up to 80mph on 50mph roads, sped through red traffic lights, drove on the wrong side of the road and on St Peter’s Way and pursuing police had to reach 100mph in order to catch him up.

“The pursuit continued with Mr Powell taking the exit towards Farnworth. He is described as travelling along Bolton Road at 80mph in a 30mph limit,” said Mr Reid.

Police end the chase after they manage to puncture the BMW’s tyres by laying a stinger in the roadway.

“Mr Powell pulled into a road which has a dead end before getting out of the vehicle and trying to run away,” said Mr Reid.

Powell, of Regent Avenue, Little Hulton, was caught, arrested and a breath test at the police station revealed he had been drink driving.

The test recorded 49 microgrammes of alcohol in 100ml of breath when the legal limit is 35 microgrammes.

Judge Graeme Smith was told how Powell, who pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and drink driving, has 11 previous convictions.

He was made subject to a two year community order in May last year for punching his girlfriend in December 2017 but had not completed the unpaid work he was ordered to do or the days of rehabilitation activities.

Mark Friend, defending, told the court that at the time of the pursuit Powell, who works as a scaffolder and shop fitter, had difficulties with the medication he was taking for his mental health problems. “So he was taking drugs and using alcohol in order to self medicate,” said Mr Friend.

Judge Smith adjourned sentencing until January 20 to allow evidence about Powell’s medication to be produced in court.