BOLTON will be back on the small screen next week ­— as new political thriller Cobra starring Hollywood actor Robert Carlyle gets underway.

The Trainspotting star was spotted filming in the town for the Sky One series last summer.

The 58-year-old plays prime minister Robert Sutherland in Sky’s political drama.

Cobra follows the British government during a national emergency as the nation loses power, and questions whether a team of Britain’s leading experts, working under the name COBRA, can save society from collapse.

The drama sports a stellar British cast with Carlyle as PM, Victoria Hamilton as his Chief of Staff and David Haig as the Home Secretary.

The six-part series will premiere on Sky One ­— with all episodes also released on Now TV on Friday next week.

Speaking ahead of the launch, Carlyle joked that he thought the title referred to a snake rather than the name of a meeting room ­— Cabinet Office Briefing Room A.

“I thought it was a script about a snake,” said the star. “I didn’t know that much at all.

“I spoke to a couple of Scots politicians who told me about it. It’s convened quite a lot, these things happen the public don’t know. So that was new for me.”

The actor also revealed that making the six-part drama made him sympathise with what prime ministers go through.

Asked if he had sympathy with what they have to do, he said: “Prior to doing this I had absolutely zero I would think.

“But during that time I remember Theresa May was going back and forward to Brussels and she was ageing five years by the week while I was making this and I felt for her.

“Of course she’s got a life, she’s got problems, the stuff we all have going on in her lives. I felt for her as a human being.”

Bancroft, forthcoming Channel 4 drama Boys, and ITV hit Cold Feet are among the other high profile television shows to have used Bolton as a location in the past 12 months.