YOUNG inventor James Scowcroft came up with a hi-tech solution to remind him to take his packed lunch to school - a talking rucksack.

The super satchel can also remind the six-year-old to do his homework, pack his exercise books and carry a water bottle, among other things.

Yesterday, James, a pupil at St Andrew's Primary School in Over Hulton, saw his invention come to life as he picked up the schoolbag of the future from Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester.

"It is really exciting to see the bag made up like I wanted it to," he said.

James devised his Robo Rucksack, with flashing antenna and five buttons to allow the owner to pre-record messages, as part of a museum competition.

Organised to coincide with the release of Disney DVD Meet the Robinsons, which features a young inventor, the competition attracted hundreds of entries from youngsters across the country.

James's bag was judged the best and turned into reality by design firm Innovate.

The youngster, who lives in Bolton, said: "It's brilliant and I'm amazed.

"It's just what I imagined and I like it when it talks.

"I sometimes forget to do my homework or take it into school, so I wanted a bag which would remind me to do it.

"It would be really good to see the bags being sold in shops for school children to be able to use."

James said he is keen to keep on inventing in the future, with a rucksack that helps with the cleaning next on his list, along with a time machine to allow him to see the way his mum looked "in the old days".

Museum of Science and Industry director Ian Griffin said: "Robo Rucksack is a brilliant idea and I hope James will go on to do more inventions in the future."