Age UK is urging people to make sure elderly friends and relatives are eating properly.

The charity is promoting the Greater Manchester Nutrition and Hydration programme - a scheme to identify those over 65 who aren't getting the food and water they need.

A tweet posted by the initiative said: "Did you catch up with relatives over Christmas?

"If you noticed they are losing interest in food or any of these signs then now is the time to raise this [issue] with them."

The signs referred to in the post included thin arms or legs, loose dentures, poorly-fitting clothes, and loose jewellery.

Age UK has produced the Eat, Drink, Live Well booklet to help older people consume more calories, with tips to make meal preparation easier, snack ideas, and mouth-care advice.

The charity also promotes lunch clubs, food banks, and shopping support to ensure that people are able to afford and physically access food.

Anyone over 65 is encouraged to seek medical help if they struggle to swallow food or drinks, get pain in their stomach after eating, or have a persistent change in bowel movements.

Sudden weight loss of a tenth of your body weight in three months or less can also be a cause for concern and should be discussed with your GP.

If you need advice for yourself or a friend or relative, contact Age UK Bolton on 01204 382411.