TWO hero neighbours who helped rescue a man as fire raged through his home are to be honoured by the fire service.

Kevin Crook, helped Alex Kennedy rescue John Price from his flat in Shap Crescent, Walkden, in September.

But Mr Crook, who suffers from heart conditions, put his own life in danger.

He experienced chest pains and had to stay in Hope Hospital for longer than Mr Price, aged 47, amid fears he might suffer a heart attack.

Now the two neighbours are to be honoured by Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service with a Chief Officers Commendation Presentation at Farnworth Fire Station next Thursday.

The brave pair raced to the scene of the fire after spotting smoke billowing from Mr Price's flat on Wednesday, September 5.

Mr Kennedy smashed glass in the front door and unlocked it. He then crawled along the floor to the bedroom where Mr Price was.

Mr Kennedy then dragged his unconscious neighbour to the door and from there he was pulled to safety by Mr Crook. Crew Manager Steve Torkington, from Farnworth Fire Station, said: "They are both very deserving of this award for their outstanding bravery. They both did a great job in very demanding circumstances."

The fire started when a cigarette set light to Mr Price's settee.

Mr Crook, aged 59, who has had three major operations, was taken to Hope Hospital. Mr Price thanked both men for saving his life.

The father-of-one who retired from his job as a bus driver because of his heart problems, said at the time of the rescue: "They make me susceptible to having a heart attack but that does not go through your mind at the time. You have a survival thing in you, a human instinct to help others.

"Alex was superb, John would have been dead had he not gone in."

Nursing assistant Mr Kennedy, aged 49, was also checked by nurses at Hope Hospital after the incident.

"It was a bit scary and I was a bit shaken up," he said.

"I had no thought about anything other than trying to get into the flat. It's a bit embarrassing to be nominated for an award."