BOLTON South-East MP Yasmin Qureshi has raised concerns about race horse deaths and welfare with the government on behalf of two constituents.

She has now received a letter from the Department of the Environment revealing that former animal welfare minister David Rutley met with the British Horseracing Authority on the issue last year.

He was told its new Horse Welfare Board was developing 'a comprehensive equine welfare strategy covering the whole life of the racehorse'.

Labour MP Ms Qureshi said: "I am concerned about race horse welfare, especially given the significant number of horses that die as a result of racing each year.

"Animal Aid has recorded 185 race horse deaths last year and 196 in 2018.

"I am disappointed with the BHA which has not taken bold action to look after the welfare of race horses.

"The government reply informs me my concerns will be taken into consideration during future policy development.

"I am pleased the Horse Welfare Board is currently developing a comprehensive equine welfare strategy

"I look forward to reading this strategy and holding the government to account."