A CHARITY has called for help from the public in an effort to fund a new van.

Bolton NICE provides food, clothing, furniture and a range of other services for people who are struggling to make ends meet.

Staff currently travel to pick people up and drop off supplies in a range of individual vehicles.

However, they are hoping to buy a small van, which will be used to pick people up and bring them to the charity’s office in School Hill, Bolton.

Martin McLoughlin, who helps to run NICE, said: “We get a lot of requests for emergency help and have to travel to people’s homes.

“We need a small van so that we can do pick ups and help the people who need to use our service.

“Basically, we need to help families and individuals who are struggling to survive or have hit hard times. At the moment, we use lots of individual cars but that’s not really working.

“We’re just asking for a little bit of help, if enough people give us £1 I think we would be able to get a vehicle.”

Bolton Nice is based at the Allerton House and works mainly through the help of volunteers.

It offers a free daily emergency foodbank to anyone who needs it, as well as a soup kitchen and an emergency cafe.

In addition, there is free confidential and impartial advice on the benefit system, tax credits, money and debt, housing, community care, employment, education and training.

These services already include a free community bus for disabled people or others who cannot access public transport but the new van would provide support for more people who need it. Anyone who can provide help with the charity’s efforts to get a van should get in contact either by visiting www.boltonnice.org.uk or calling Mr McLoughlin on 07900535403.