A NEW branch of a fusion restaurant has opened in Bolton – and the owner is ambitious about what the eatery can bring to diners.

The Fig and Olive will be throwing open its doors to a new branch on Derby Street but is holding its launch date close to its chest for now.

The restaurant –– which already has a popular branch in Blackburn ––will be opening as a “surprise” in the coming days.

Business owner Ismail Patel said: “We are going to have different types of platters, burgers, noodles, Asian and English dishes as well as a breakfast which we serve in the morning.

“We’re introducing a new cuisine. It is not just a curry or an English dish. It mixes the both and isn’t just balanced to one type.

“We have already built a reputation, so people know we are not absolutely brand new.”

Items on the menu include a range of premium burgers, pizzas, prawns and hot and cold sandwiches.”

The interior of the building itself is an impressive modern design- complete with booths and tables surrounded by plants and artistic lights.

Mr Patel added: “It’s a perfect location – it’s nice and pretty and looks great.”

The building once housed a bank – and certain features of the old banking society remain.

Specialist workers had to carve a hole for a service hatch through the dense metal vault, which now houses the kitchen.

The thick walls remain however, and are a reminder of the building’s past. Some quirky features even had to be removed such as swastikas which pre-dated the war remained in the form of flooring tiles.

While they had a different meaning prior to the Second World War, Mr Patel decided to remove them in order to not cause any offence.

The exterior still holds a solid antiquated nature to it with stone-carved lions and huge walls.

When the restaurant announced its planned opening on Facebook, positive comments flooded in. One user wrote: “My favourite place to eat at. You never disappoint.”Another wrote: “No need to go to Blackburn!” A third wrote: “ Looking good can’t wait.”