LOVE Island's Mike Boateng said on the first episode of the show that he is a police officer from London- but he actually served under Greater Manchester Police and quit before the show began.

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) said that he served with the force for around three years prior to going on the show, but once he informed bosses of his decision, he quit due to a conflict of interest.

Mike was paired up with Leanne in the show last night, as the Islanders started getting together.

The 24-year-old, who is originally from London, is also a former footballer.

Previously Mike played for Sheffield United and currently dons his boots for Eagley Football Club in Bolton.

The Love Island hunk said during his opening monologue: "I have been mistaken for a stripper on many occasions, but let me tell you, I just made the uniform look good."

He added:" I think it's illegal to be as sexy as me so if I see anybody that's as sexy or any more sexy then they will probably get locked up too."

The full GMP statement read: "Mr Boateng is no longer a GMP officer. He left the organisation prior to taking part in the show.

"Mr Boateng expressed his desire to take part in the show. However as a serving officer, he was advised that taking part in a reality TV show would be a conflict of interest and therefore Mr Boateng made a decision to resign from GMP."