The fire service has urged people to only put their bins out on collection day after a group of wheelie bins were set on fire.

Crews from Bolton Central fire station were called to the fire outside flats on Lindfield Drive at around 2am on Tuesday morning.

Watch manager Murphy reminded residents that bins should be stored in a secure space away from your home.

He said: "You should only be putting out your bins on collection day and bring them back in as soon as you can.

"Other than that they should be stored in an appropriate secure place away from your property.

"Several bins were alight and they affected the external aspects of this property with the glazing and the window frame.

"If this fire had been any more severe it would have broken through into the flat – fortunately there was no one in the flat at the time as they were away.

"We will be returning to the property later this morning to speak with the occupant who has now returned and to remind other residents of how to store your bins."

This is the latest in a long line of wheelie bin fires in the town, with firefighters previously saying that they believe the fumes from the bins are being inhaled to give vandals a high.

Firefighters have also previously warned that responding to minor incidents like bin fires can prevent them from reaching major crashes and building fires, urging people not to start them.