COUNCILLORS are hoping that a new £14,000 traffic island will keep pedestrians safe in a busy street.

Representatives for Smithills have decided to use money offered by Bolton Council to build a crossing point in Chorley Old Road in an effort to reduce the danger posed by speeding drivers.

It will mean temporary traffic lights are in place during off-peak hours between Montserrat Road and Romney Road from Wednesday, January 22, to Sunday, February 2.

But, Liberal Democrat councillor Roger Hayes says he hopes the project will ultimately help to keep people safe.

“You take your life into your own hands quite literally when you try to cross there,” he said.

“This is all about pedestrian safety. That stretch of the road is somewhere that people drive quite fast.

“It’s only a 30mph limit but people seem to go a lot faster than that.

“The idea for an island came from a council surgery.

“People from Johnson Fold who get the bus across the road from there asked for it.”

Council highway bosses have warned drivers that the project is set to cause significant disruption during the day.

Most of the delays will be restricted to off-peak hours such as during the middle of the day when there are less cars on the road.

However, it is possible that there could be greater disruption over the weekend.

The money for the scheme comes from a pot of cash offered to all of Bolton’s wards by the council.

Other projects include a new chicane to be constructed on Captains Clough Road, between Orwell Road and Woodstock Drive, beginning tomorrow.

This is intended to reduce the speed of drivers in the area, especially around Church Road Primary School.

It will take around a week to complete, finishing on Wednesday, January 22, and is set to cause some traffic disruption because of temporary lights which will be set up in the street during off-peak hours.

There will also be measures built to slow cars in Moorside Avenue and Smithills Croft Road, with this work starting soon.

Anyone living around Montserrat Road and Romney Road with any questions about how the project could affect them should call the council’s Highways Department on 01204 336677.

Alternatively, for more information on the other work set to take place in Smithills, visit: