Enthusiastic knitters have created helpful items to ship out to animals rescued from the Australian wildfires.

Sherrie Maycroft organised a drop-in session for crafters to knit and crochet a variety of nests, pouches, and blankets.

The 35-year-old had planned for Saturday's event to be hosted in her newly opened studio, but there was so much interest that she feared her space may not be big enough.

Fortunately, the Bank bar in Westhoughton stepped in and allowed the mum-of-one to use the space below her studio

She said: "It was really really good, I'm quite proud for being able to bring people together and do something for such a good cause.

"We got plenty of bird nests, joey pouches & blankets made, I have 45 here and some people are finishing up their projects and then bringing them in.

"It just felt really nice that the community came together – everyone got on really well and said how much they enjoyed it.

"It's quite solitary to knit or crochet and it's really nice to get together and have people to chat to when you're crafting."

Sherrie launched her new crochet business, Get Hooked With Sherrie, earlier this year, offering classes to teach crochet and macrame textile production.

Saturday's event was attended by 31 ladies, with five other people donating yarn to the cause.

Sherrie is so pleased by the event's success, that she's already started planning another one.

She added: "The Australian wildfire charities have asked everyone to pause with their donations so they can collect what they've received so far and see whether they need anything else.

"It could take quite a few weeks to sort that out so I'd like to support another charity in the meantime.

"Given that we've just made some bird's nests I thought it would be nice to make some more for local charities, and am just trying to book the space for the next event."

Anyone still working on items for the animals needs to have sent their donations to the UK donation points by January 26.

All donations need to have been washed and dried before they can be sent, and all Vetcare surgeries can be used as a drop-off point for donations which will then be sent on by the Manchester Crafters Australian Animals Rescue Effort.