THE debate over whether hundreds of homes will be built a golf course is due to come to a close on Thursday. Those opposing the development are making their stand as the final decision approaches.

Just days ago, council planners have given their seal of approval for the 276 houses at Horwich Golf Course, six months after a government inspector threw out a bid to build on the site.

After months of fierce debate, and 1,232 letters to the local authority objecting to the development, the decision now rests with the planning committee.

The group will vote on the proposed development by Peel L&P this Thursday, but those who have been campaigning against the homes are hitting out at the council planners who gave the green light.

Malcolm Harrison, Chair of Stocks Residents Association, said: “We are disappointed but not surprised by the decision.

“The people of Horwich have made it clear that not only is this scheme unwanted, it will be detrimental and dangerous to the area. We have taken advice from our barrister and are working hard to ensure that the planning committee will have no option but to again overturn the decision.”

When the plans were first put forward, they featured 300 homes and were roundly rejected by the council and the planning inspectorate. In November, the plans were scaled back by the developer to 276 homes.

Opposers say that the process is wrong.

Mr Harrison said: “It is ridiculous that an application can be refused by the council, it’s decision upheld by the planning inspector at the public inquiry and then be applied for again on almost the same basis within such a short time.

"Our MP, Chris Green, who himself objected to the application, plans to ask this question of the Secretary of State in Parliament this week.”