CCTV footage posted on Facebook showing two men looking through the windows of a house is not what it may seem, police have said.

Video showing the two looking through the front and back window of a property raised the suspicions of one Facebook user, who put it on a community page for all to see.

Officers said that after they became aware of the circulating footage, they made their own enquiries and found there was no cause for alarm as the people pictured were workers for a local gardening firm.

Posting on GMP Bolton North Facebook page, officers said: "The #Breightmet Neighbourhood Team are aware of a video that’s been posted on a local community group on Facebook.

"The video shows two men going up someone’s driveway, looking through the front window, going into the back garden and looking through the back window, before getting in their van and driving off.

"We have made enquiries in relation to this CCTV and spoken to the owner of the van. The van is used by a local gardening company and the men on the footage have been identified.

"The house previously belonged to a customer of the gardeners but unbeknown to them, new occupants moved in a short time ago. The gardeners accept how the CCTV can be perceived as suspicious but we have carried out the relevant checks and we have no concerns regarding the van or the men."