A MAIN road has been closed off after a driver reportedly crashed into 'exposed electrical wires'.

Park Road, in Westhoughton, has been shut since around 1pm after officers arrived on the scene.

The street is inaccessible from the junction with Captain Lee Road up to the junction with Leigh Road.

There are also police officers at Chequerbent roundabout where traffic is beginning to build.

Sandra Hesketh who lives in nearby Manchester Road said: "The police told me a car had crashed into some exposed electrical wires. They said they were waiting for experts to make the area safe.

"The traffic is starting to build up now and it's getting a lot worse."

A spokesman for the police said: "There was a collision involving one vehicle, a Ford Transit, which looks like it hit a lamppost.

"The reason the road is closed off is so we can check for any exposed wiring."

A spokesman for the fire service added: "We were called at about 12.45pm to reports of a collision between a van and street furniture.

"There were two people in the van. They didn't require medical attention and were not trapped but we have requested Electricity North West attend in order to isolate the street furniture."