THIEVES attempted to steal wheels from a disabled woman’s mobility car, leaving the vehicle in danger of crashing.

Sharron Thomas, 64, has severe arthritis in both knees and usually uses crutches when she leaves her home.

The locking nuts, which hold the wheels in place, had been removed using equipment last Thursday, January 9.

Sharron, who lives in Springfield Gardens in Kearsley, said: “In all honesty, I wouldn’t have even looked when I went out. It’s just because my other half was going out at the same time to put my car out to save me walking all the way round.

“As he went to do it, he noticed all these nuts on the ground. I probably wouldn’t have clicked that they were off the car.

“It’s scary when you think about it. My other half has talked to others near us and they were wondering if it was going to be there’s next time.”

According to the RAC, who were called out to inspect the car, 13 of the 16 nuts had been removed.

That included all on one wheel, with one remaining on the other three.

Sharron added: “He said that if I had driven it, the wheel could have just easily flown off straight away and that I might not have got out of the street before something came off. It’s pretty scary thinking about it.

“Now, I’ve moved it around under street lights. The RAC guy said to me that they might come back and have another go if they think it is that easy.”

The Springfield Gardens complex, which houses over-60s, is managed by Bolton at Home.

Sharron's mobility car benefits her by being tailored to her needs, including automatic gears and a better and more comfortable driving experience.

She reported the attempted theft to police. Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101.