THE original van used by Max and Paddy in Phoenix Nights is up for sale on eBay.

The Ford Transit camper van was last seen being driven away by the pair in the final episode of the iconic comedy, as a larger van was later used in the spin off show, Max and Paddy’s Road to Nowhere.

Now, nearly 18 years after the show ended, the van is up for grabs for a memorabilia hunter.

Denise Cartledge, who bought the van four years ago from a seller in St Helens, is hoping the van will appeal to a fan.

She said: “I can’t maintain it like she needs to be maintained. I am just a woman with a dog.

“With Peter Kay doing the Phoenix Nights charity screenings, I felt like now is the right time.

“As much as I love her, I can’t maintain her, so hopefully someone can keep her on the road and take her to rallies and things like that.”

The van, a 1987 model, comes with all the correct documentation and details.

Denise has affectionately named the van ‘Maddy’- combining the names of Max and Paddy.

The van appeared in a couple of episodes of Phoenix Nights, where Peter Kay and Paddy McGuinness played Max and Paddy, the club’s two bouncers.

While Denise admits that the van is “a little worse for wear”, she said that “she would make a great project for someone who has bodywork skills and she would be a real nostalgic and iconic vehicle for a new owner.”

The van has rust at the front end of the vehicle and has some damp following a recent roof reseal.

The vehicle has an MOT until March 2020 and has clocked up 98,000 miles.

Phoenix Nights aired for two series from 2001 to 2002. The show featured Kay as Brian Potter, the owner of the club who has to deal with all sort of mishaps and mayhem in his day-to-day running of the club.

Peter and Paddy returned to their roles for the spin-off. A different van was used for the show, however, which ran for one series in 2004.

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