RESIDENTS have hit out at an office space in Farnworth, saying that workers there congest the parking in their roads.

Thrive, which runs Miller House in Market Street, has come under fire from local homeowners who say that they are struggling to find somewhere to park.

Dan Muir, 40, who lives on nearby Rawson Street, said that the parking “has progressively gotten worse since the Thrive building opened”.

He added: “It affects my life quite badly. Both my wife and I suffer with anxiety, but my wife is also physically disabled. We can’t really go anywhere, for fear of there being no place to park when we return.

“I’m very fortunate in that I work from home, and when she’s at work, I ask whoever is parking if they’re going to be leaving their vehicle there long - if so, I kindly ask them not to park there.”

Mr Muir said that he gets abuse from some people, while others are more understanding.

Natalie Berry, who lives in Clarence Street, said: “There are 30 plus cars all parked in the residential streets behind the building. I get home from work and I have to park in back streets as I can’t get near my own house.

“All my neighbours are suffering too. They can’t get close to their own properties which is distressing for them having to struggle, when they already suffer with mobility issues.”

A spokesman for Thrive pointed out that the building had brought dozens of businesses to Farnworth and there were not parking restrictions in place.

He said: “The parking on the roads outside is for everyone. There are no parking permits, double yellow lines or anything like that. It is not an issue for us. It’s one for the council.”

It is understood that residents and councillors are currently talking with Bolton Highways and Thrive about the on-street parking issues.