A THIEF who repeatedly told a police officer to "f*** off" and then stole from a supermarket has been sentenced to jail.

Jason Wadsworth, from Ramsay Avenue, in Farnworth, pleaded guilty to two offences, including an incident in which he repeatedly abused a police officer at the Royal Bolton Hospital.

The 24-year-old had been admitted to hospital because of excessive drinking but was later discharged on January 4.

However, he continued to cause a disturbance and police had to be called.

When an officer arrived to speak with him, Wadsworth hurled a string of abuse at him and refused to leave. He had to be escorted from the hospital.

A little over a week later, on January 13, he was stopped by members of staff at the Tesco store, in Long Causeway, Farnworth.

After filling a bag with bottles of spirits and sweets, Wadsworth tried to escape out of the fire exit of the shop but three members of staff stopped him until police arrived.

He was handed a 28-day prison sentence and ordered to pay £122. Wadsworth had previously been subject to 22 convictions for 39 offences.

“It’s fair to say that this is a young man who’s very angry at the whole system and feels very let down," said Heather Crossthwaite, defending.

“Ultimately, there’s been drug and alcohol addiction which has resulted in a number of offences.

“From 2017 he was sent to custody and from that point he feels he entered into a cycle which he can’t break, it was then that he lost his home and he hasn’t been able to get back on his feet.”

Sentencing, head magistrate Manu Mistry said: “We’ve listened to what’s been said and heard that you want to engage and get yourself back on track but for these offences, especially the theft you’ll serve custody of 28 days.”