A SIX-TIME gold medalist has been helping nursery children to get into cycling.

Kiera Byland, 21, hosts a balance bike session for four or five of the children at the Bolton College campus nursery every Tuesday afternoon.

The sessions have been arranged to help with Keira's studies, allowing her to use her sporting background to get experience and work towards her level two business course.

She said: "It's not just about balance it's also taking turns, being nice to each other, being friendly and helping each other.

"They're only tiny children but they make me very happy – they keep asking when I'm coming again and even if they struggle they're still trying.

"They're so sweet and it's been quite cold lately but as soon as you get bubbles out they all get really excited."

The inspirational student is leading sessions on Strider balance bikes, which have no pedals, to teach the children how to balance on two wheels.

The special bikes are very helpful for people who struggle with co-ordination because of learning difficulties, a brain injury, or other health issues.

Pedals and gears can be tricky to master, which can cause frustration, fear, or injuries.

Kiera herself has several learning difficulties, including dyspraxia which makes it hard for her to plan and control physical movements.

She wasn't able to use a balance bike when she was younger, but is keen to promote them, adding: "I really wish I'd been able to use one because I've seen the benefits that they have.

"I'm glad I can do this to promote Bolton as it's where I live and I want to see it get what it deserves.

"All the volunteers and staff and people involved in the town are doing excellent work and that should be celebrated."

The Bromley Cross cyclist started taking part in sport when she was 12, embracing swimming and cycling.

She has since won three gold medals in the Special Olympics in 2015, and a further three at the World Games in Abu Dhabi last year.