A MAN has pleaded guilty to assault following an attack which left his girlfriend unconscious in shop doorway in Newport Street.

CCTV footage played in Bolton Magistrates Court showed James Edgington dragging his then-partner to the floor and punching her in the head more than 10 times at 8pm on December 19 of last year.

On one occasion he is said to have hit her so hard she was left unconscious.

After leaving the woman on the ground in the doorway he then returned and continued to beat her with what were described by police as "piston-like punches".

The incident was caught on camera by Bolton Council's security staff and police caught Edgington shortly afterwards.

The victim refused to give a statement on the attack.

Defending, Peter Leather said: "Life hasn't been easy for Mr Edgington. He has a significant number of personal problems.

"I have now met him on three occasions and these problems have been quite evident to me.

"He clearly has some mental health issues and he had learning difficulties.

The 49-year-old recently had a stroke and suffers from tourettes syndrome which makes him very anxious and nervous.

On the day of the incident he had been drinking with the woman in the town centre and was by Mr Leather to have "lost control".

The lawyer added: "He's very remorseful, for what's happened. He knows that he's let himself and the woman down enormously.

"Probably if he had a lot less to drink this would never have happened."

Speaking to Edgington, lead magistrate Manu Mistry said: "Having seen this footage it's sustained and serious attack.

"It was a repeated attack. A vicious attack in drink and it was also domestic violence."

The case was passed on to Bolton Crown Court where a judge will pass sentence on February 12. Edgington was granted bail until then but must stay at his address in Lilly Street, Bolton.